Coucon Outdoor offers perfect protection against the elements

Enterprising Northern Irishman Charles Russell’s outdoor weatherproof changing robe offers great protection against the elements.

Charles first thought of the idea for the Coucon while frantically searching for some comfort from the typically inclement weather conditions that grace our part of the world, the North Coast of Ireland, where even the most resilient of outdoorsy types need shelter from the storm.

Coucon is a rough – very rough – translation of the French word for cocoon.  On that wild, November afternoon, Charles sought a French-inspired solution to an Irish problem.

Charles dreamed of the comforting embrace of a Coucon — a versatile and dynamic outdoor sports robe designed to meet the needs of swimmers, runners, surfers, triathletes, sailors, fishermen, campers, festival-goers and mountaineers…actually, anyone and everyone who could benefit from its robust protection.

After harnessing some local support, materials were designed in the North Antrim area and a prototype was created.

Coucon Outdoor is now an Invest NI client company, and judging from the growing stream of orders coming in from countries near and far, this is a brand that is definitely one to watch out for in the future.

Island Marketing Clinic has been working with Coucon Outdoor through Causeway Coast and Glens Project Alchemy programme; if you are based in The Borough and you would like to find out more about this business support service, please visit

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