Pioneering Meath Company sets new standards in global food sustainability

Hexafly is an award-winning biotech insect feed company founded in 2015.  Using by-products from local breweries, the Company has developed innovative technology to convert brewers’ grains into high value aquaculture feeds, organic fertiliser and bioplastics.

Winning the Climate Impact Battle Award in 2018 from a field of 300 clean-tech start-ups across Europe is just the latest in a long line of achievements for this dynamic Irish company.

Founder and CEO Alvan Hunt has ambitious plans to target multi-billion pound global aquaculture and organic plant food industries from a growing manufacturing base in Kell’s, Co Meath.

Hexafly breeds insects on an industrial scale utilising its own proprietary bio-conversion technology to achieve maximum extraction of high value protein and oil products.  These products can then be utilised in the aquafeed, poultry and swine feed markets where there is currently a shortage of sustainable quality raw materials.

Their innovative product range provides significant cost savings and quality improvements when compared with alternative ingredients currently used as protein sources, such as soya.  Hexafly’s products are also considered to be more bioavailable as both poultry and fish naturally eat flies in their diet.  This leads to better feeding and productivity outcomes for fish and poultry.

Other by-products of the process include frass, a natural organic fertiliser and pesticide for use on plants; a liquid fertiliser extracted from frass which is very potent and which has natural pesticide properties; and a product called chitin which is a very high value bioplastic which can be extracted from the insect protein following further processing.

As beneficiaries of Intertrade Ireland’s Trade Accelerator Voucher Programme, we were delighted to help Hexafly source potential frass stockists and distributers across the island of Ireland.

If you think that the Trade Accelerator Voucher programme could benefit your company, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.


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